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[UPDATE] Over the past year, numerous interesting start-ups have been presented here. That is why we will be reviewing a number of successful young businesses here over the next few weeks. And of course, we have asked them to tell us how they are doing at the moment. Constanze von Kettler of Pendix gives us an update of  the current state of affairs:

“So far, we’ve weathered the corona crisis really well. The demand for our products has barely fallen. On the contrary. The social distancing measures have given cycling an incredible boost. There are plenty of people who appreciate our very sustainable principle, who have wanted to retrofit their bikes for a very long time and are now just doing that. It’s always better to retrofit a good bike than to store two bikes in your basement, as in a conventional one and an e-bike. Incidentally, we are expecting turnover to continue to rise due to the temporary reduction in VAT that’s to end in December. Time and time again we hear that a bicycle equipped with Pendix looks much nicer and more stylish than an ordinary e-bike because the battery has such a timeless, simple design and the engine is practically unnoticeable. But we also offer our Smart System. Each cyclist can update the firmware via the app, our customers can even view any error data themselves. You have to first drop by the workshop for the other systems.”

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