By mid-March, teachers all over the world were faced with a tough challenge: a rapid transition to online education would have to be made. This prompted hilarious commentaries, such as this adaptation of Gloria Gaynor’s biggest hit,¬† I Will Survive, Coronavirus version for teachers going online. The teacher in question chastises herself: “I should have kept up with the tech, not skipped that class on course design.

The first lecture that I had to set up online in March (on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra) dealt with ‘The Imperative of Responsibility. In Search of an Ethics for the Technological Age‘ by Hans Jonas, an influential book on the ethics of technology (1979). That was an uncanny coincidence that I couldn’t have foreseen when I originally drew up the course and timetable prior to the cyberattack on Maastricht University and pre-corona crisis.

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About the author

Author profile picture Katleen Gabriels is a moral philosopher specializing in computer ethics at Maastricht University. She conducts research into the relationships between morality and computer technologies.